Code of Ethics

The code of ethics provides guidance of ethical relationships, responsibilities, behaviors and decision-making, and at Chinook Medical Center used in conjunction with the professional standards, laws and regulations that guide our practice.

1. Consider first the well-being of the patient.

2. Practise the profession of medicine in a manner that treats the patient with dignity and as a person worthy of respect.

3. Provide for appropriate care for your patient, even when cure is no longer possible, including physical comfort and spiritual and psychosocial support.

4. Consider the well-being of society in matters affecting health.

5. Practise the art and science of medicine competently, with integrity and without impairment.

6. Engage in lifelong learning to maintain and improve your professional knowledge, skills and attitudes.

7. Resist any influence or interference that could undermine your professional integrity.

8. Contribute to the development of the medical profession, whether through clinical practice, research, teaching, administration or advocating on behalf of the profession or the public.

9. Refuse to participate in or support practices that violate basic human rights.

10. Promote and maintain your own health and well-being.